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We Maintain Strategic Alliances with fortune pharmaceutical and FMCG companies

We Strive for Excellence
Together We Can Achieve More!

Exceeding expectations in supply chain excellence is the foundation of our business. Thus, we will continue to focus on the latest innovations and processes to strive for best-in- class service on time and every time.

Collaboration & partnership

Understanding our partners’ needs and expectations while working collaboratively, Seeking excellence in service, we build value through partnerships and alliances both locally & internationally. Together we can achieve more!

Our Core Values

Enhancing Human Values

The core of our business is our people. We are committed to continuous enhancements while maintaining positive working relationships professionally, fairly and respectfully. We ensure that everyone throughout our organisation is equipped with the right skills & knowledge to maintain our mission and achieve our vision.

Integrity, respect and responsibility

To reach and maintain prosperity we ensure that our people are acting in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct, treating others with consideration and regard, accepting personal accountability for behaviours, actions and consequences, including the constructive resolution of differences.


We continue to achieve sustained growth and profitability for the benefit of all stakeholders in the business. Our key to success is to develop and enhance our productivity, striving to improve end results guaranteeing client satisfaction. Proving continuous improvement is the key to our success


Constancy and unity of purpose are the fundamental pillars of our mission that assist us in reaching our goals. We lead by example, by being responsive and creative while seeking to foster a positive environment.

Quality and performance

We set high benchmark standards of performance for everyone; assuming responsibility, reliability, credibility and accountability to successfully implement and complete our quality initiatives and tasks.

Continuous Improvement & Development

We achieve sustained growth and profitability for the benefit of all stakeholders in the business. To enhance our productivity and strive to improve end-results because continuous improvement is key to our success and clients.

preferred partner

Largest Distribution Partner In Egypt & North Africa

State of The Art Warehousing

Beyond regular services we offer fully compliant storage, handling and delivery of temperature sensitive medications.

Best in class Logistics

We strive to offer a fully integrated approach ensuring smooth, safe and efficient delivery of your products to your key audience, the customer.

Expertise in Tailored Solutions

In addition to our regular wholesale and agency distribution solutions, we also offer new and innovative solutions tailored to your products ‘needs.

Dedicated Customer Care Teams

With our professional team of specialists, their dedication & premium experience enable us to source, store and deliver an extensive range of high class products, services & tailored solutions.

Unrivalled Product Sourcing

We provide unrivalled service for your products by linking wholesale with retail ensuring high end processes and quality standards.

Premier Industry leader

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