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Pharma Today

PharmaToday Overview

An Arabic scientific publication focused with medical and pharmaceutical affairs that is disseminated at the national level and addresses common concerns and issues of interest to experts working in this field.

The magazine focuses on how political, economic, organizational, social, technological, and sporting advances effects on this field.

PharmaToday covers international and local exhibitions and events relating to medicine, as well as the most recent research and results from across the world in the field of health and medicine. Additionally, it deals with the latest research and results worldwide in the field of health and medicine, with information covering international and local exhibitions and events related to medicine. Furthermore, the magazine conducts various interviews with prominent figures and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

The publication connects market participants to generate new ideas, proposals, points of view, goods, and services. It also enables pharmaceutical companies to discuss specific diseases or conditions while drawing conclusions. It also promotes medications, personal care, cosmetics, medical equipment, and medical services, as well as any other products or services not directly related to the industry, such as banking services, automobiles, aviation services among others.

PharmaToday at a Glance

  1. The magazine is not limited to advertising a product or service, but there is an opportunity to sponsor a specific topic, article or significant information.
  2. Pharma Today magazine is aimed at the most important and influential people in the industry as well as readers in general.
  3. Eighty-thousand copies are printed annually, or 20,000 copies quarterly, and distributed for free as follows:
    • Ten thousand pharmacies nationwide via the United Pharmacists Company, Egypt’s largest drug distribution company.
    • Scientific offices and drug manufacturing companies totaling 273, also through the United Pharmacists Company.
  4. Major hospitals, medical laboratories, health insurance companies, medical equipment, computers, tourism, aviation, transportation, banks, unions and universities through PharmaToday.
  5. Furthermore, 500 copies are distributed to medical professionals through scientific offices and pharmaceutical businesses.The magazine is also published on the Pharma Today application for pharmacists. Pharmatoday-magazine.com.
  6. Commanding a following of 47,000 pharmacists.