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Your business is our business!

It is not just about us and our services. We exist to make your business our business by offering you limitless support and services to cater to your needs. From pharma, healthcare services, personal care products, fast moving consumer goods and service (FMCG), to innovative warehouse solutions and beyond. Leveraging our forty-seven legacy years of existence in the region, plus our premier market position, we are the solution to your manufacturing, distribution and delivery needs. We thrive to serve you with excellence and utmost reliability, because we care about your business.

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Middle East Chemicals

United Company of Pharmacies

United Company
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We provide pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, personal products, FMCGs and healthcare solutions for:

Healthcare Providers

We assist health care providers of all kinds to navigate an evolving landscape to make smarter business decisions and streamline operations.


We help pharmacists compete and grow through innovative services, operational support and by expanding the range of medical supplies and services they can offer customers.


We’re working with global pharmaceutical manufacturers to help develop and deliver advanced medical treatments that lead to improved healthcare and better outcomes.


We are partnered with health care systems and government initiatives across the region to deliver better health all over Africa and beyond.


We help our end-users to conveniently and efficiently find the products they need all in one place, inspiring the next generation with confidence and exceptional services and care

Retail Pharmacies

We help pharmacists compete and grow through innovative services, operational support and by expanding the range of medical supplies and services they can offer customers.

The Leading Distribution Partner in Egypt

A legacy of over forty-seven years of experience, HO Group is the largest distributors covering Egypt, Middle East & Africa with operations including but not limited to, manufacturing, distribution & importation of pharmaceuticals & FMCGs.


Longstanding Expertise & Leadership

With our rich history, long term partnerships, and legacy of innovation, progress and sustainability, HO Group has progressed to become the company it is today, check out our historical timeline


Preferred Business Partner

We form long-standing connections that make healthcare systems efficient and accessible. Creating networks that expand access, reduce waste, and bring people and information closer together.


A Legacy of Pioneering & Advancing the Pharmaceutical industry

Watch this video to learn about the HO brand story and how the company developed over its 47+ years operating in the healthcare industry.

HO Group of companies strive to be the pulse of healthcare service industry in the region. At any given moment, in any given minute, we simultaneously execute thousands of critical services that enhance communities, customers, retailers and overall improve the quality of healthcare services.
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More Added Value. Advanced Connectivity. Enhanced Healthcare.

We are experiencing an era of unprecedented change in healthcare. New technologies, services and ideas are imperative in delivering improved outcomes for businesses and healthcare stakeholders. HO Group is at the forefront of this transformation.



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Achieving Steady Growth of Sales Turnover, Reaching EGP 40 Billion in 2021

Premier Industry leader

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    Meet Our Distinguished Board of Directors

    Dr. Hossam Omar

    Chairman & Founder

    Mr. Ayman Hossam

    CEO - UCTD

    Mr. Ahmed Hossam

    CEO - UCP

    Mr. Mohamed Galal

    Managing Director - UCP

    Mr. Alaa Salem

    General Manager – UCTD

    Mr. Mohamed Refaat

    General Manager – MEC

    Ingy Ahmed Hossam

    Board Member

    Reem Hamza

    CCO - HO Group

    Looking for technologically advanced & reliable logistics solutions?

    Utilising HO Group’s partnership with Manhattan Associates and its vast capabilities and proficiencies in automation and supply chain warehouse solutions. Additionally, it offers the highest level of comprehensive logistics deployment that supports and facilitates warehouse operations and constant optimization