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_ Dr. Hossam Omar _

Founder's Legacy: [ A Visionary Egyptian Pioneer ] in the Trading & Distribution of Medicine in Egypt

Setting the standard for entrepreneurial success

Creating a benchmark for entrepreneurial success
Dr. Hossam Omar was a radical financial thinker, a visionary, and a wise executive administrator who enabled him to construct an empire from the ground up; this should be presented to company owners as an example that contains all viables for success.

Dr. Omar was more than simply a pharmacist; he was a legendary pioneer in pharmaceutical distribution, trading and manufacturing.
Dr. Omar was never just a pharmacist, he was a legendary pioneer in the distribution, trading, and manufacturer of medications.

_ -Dr. Hossam Omar- _

"We invested in the hard times when everyone else didn't, which gave us the edge to secure long-term commitments with our partners"

Vienna University Graduates

1970 Pharmacist hardships

Pharmacists Distribution Troubles

Signing The Establishment of Middle East Chemicals

Dr Hossam Omar

A pioneer with concrete vision and an eye for market demands

Dr. Omar graduated from the faculty of Pharmaceutics, Insbork, the University of Austria in 1961. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland and Germany then returned to Egypt. To start a cosmetics factory in 1972 and establish a distributing factory for said cosmetics; under the name ‘Middle East Chemicals’ (MEC), to be the launchpad for distribution to all pharmacies and the first private sector company for distribution of medicine in Egypt.

When Dr. Hussam noticed that the medical distribution market in Egypt needed another phase of development, he established the ‘United Pharmacists’ company” (UCP), which specializes in the field of medical distribution with a large network consisting of more than 120 branches, widespread in all governates in Egypt. In addition to advanced warehouses, prepared to the highest level, to supply those branches with all their needs. Likewise, the establishment of ‘United Company for Trading and Distribution” (UCTD) to continue distribution services and to enable pharmacists to derive all their needs from one source, was another major achievement.

Today, HO Group has become the largest distributor across Egypt and MENA like pharmacies, hypermarkets, supermarkets, and other retail outlets

Building an empire with a solid business model that attracts investments, partnerships & honorary awards along the road!

Dr. Omar went through a long development journey, between the years in college in which he excelled and the workplace in which he thrived. The precision with which he distinguished the drug trade; the pharmaceutical profession that permitted it, the social responsibility he cherished, and the institutional thinking were all components that enabled him to establish the 'HO Group' empire. That empire has become a business model for Egyptian investors and institutions looking to invest in healthcare services and pharmaceuticals in the Egyptian market.

Dr. Omar received the State Appreciation Award in 2006 for his contributions to the development and advancement of pharmaceutical work, and the Association of Drug Distribution elected him as an honorary President of the Association for life.

_ Dr. Hossam Omar _

Dr. Hossam Omar, may he rest in peace, pioneered the idea of establishing a cohesive medical economic system and triumphed through the genius of his leadership, leaving behind a glorifying legacy that paved the way to success.