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HO Group Services Overview

We exist to make your business our business by offering you limitless support and services to cater to your needs. From pharma products, personal care products and services, to innovative warehouse solutions and beyond. Leveraging our forty-seven years of existence in the region, plus our premier market position, we are the solution to your healthcare services. We thrive to serve you with excellence and utmost reliability, because we care about your business.

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Company Values

Middle East Chemicals

United Company of Pharmacies

United Company
for Trading & Distribution

EL - Zamel DC Warehouse Infrastructure

  • Racking System
  • Mobile Racks and Selective racks
  • Laser finished floors
  • Isolated walls and ceilings
  • Firefighting tank 400 m3
  • 230 KVA Diesel generator

Providing the latest in Wholesale Logistics

U Logistics is a new HO group service provider of pre-wholesale logistics in the pharmaceuticals and FMCG sector. It offers a complete range of specialized and cutting-edge logistics services across a wide range of provinces in the Egyptian Market.

The Company’s goal includes the planning and execution of efficient transportation and storage of goods, from the point of origin to the point of distribution. This in turn, meets customers’ requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

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Why partner with us?

Premier Industry leader

HO Group Principle Services

Trade Penetration

Leveraging our distribution chain to offer the best deals available, while always having an eye on expanding into new markets

Storing & Transportation

Logistics and warehousing is our core competency

Cost-effective coverage

Our supply chain offers one of the most prominent networks in the country


Enhancing visibility where image is important

Medical promotion

We stand by you, hand in hand promoting and stimulating medical services and/or products

Telesales – Sales Reps

A second to none sales force delivering your needs everyday around the clock.

New Product Launch

With the most diversified portfolio and widest reach, your products are safe with us


Vital and economic products at your need, completing the cycle from factory to client

Importation, Customs & MOH Clearance

Complementing the loop, facilitating the importation processes at your request

Credit exposure

Minimal potential risk, Your money is in good hands.

Automated Sales Force

With Automation and Digitization, Staying ahead and up to standard is easier than ever

Co-Packaging & Filling

Add-on services to assist retail markets thrive with

Services we Offer

HO Group Business Functions

HO Group Business Functions include:

Looking for technologically advanced & reliable logistics solutions?

Utilising HO Group’s partnership with Manhattan Associates and its vast capabilities and proficiencies in automation and supply chain warehouse solutions. Additionally, it offers the highest level of comprehensive logistics deployment that supports and facilitates warehouse operations and constant optimization

Premier Industry leader

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