Jun 2024
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U Logistics Overview

ULogistics is a new HO group service provider of contract logistics in the pharmaceuticals and FMCG sector. It offers a complete range of specialist and cutting-edge logistics services across a wide range of provinces in the Egyptian Market

The Company’s goal includes the planning and execution of efficient transportation and the storage of goods, from the point of origin to the point of consumption. This in turn, meets customers requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

Manhattan Warehouse Solutions

HO Group has set a visionary structural plan to deliver an outstanding and innovative bundle of service to its business partners, Its main objective is to help re-assure its partners in getting their market share growth, tactics and expansions in the Egyptian market.

Utilizing HO Groups partnership with Manhattan Associates and its vast capabilities and proficiencies in automation and supply chain warehouse solutions, Additionally, it offers the highest level of comprehensive logistics deployment that supports and facilitates warehouse operations and optimizations.

EL – Zamel DC Warehouse

U Logistics aims to act as an indispensable partner to its clients by assisting them in building and maximizing sustainable competitive advantages. This is executed by assisting clients in getting their products to the market swiftly, efficiently and safely. Clients can rest assured that every transaction will be driven with integrity, progressionist, respect & proficiency, which are its core fundamental principles.

Warehouse Infrastructure

• Racking System
• Mobile Racks and Selective racks
• Laser finished floors
• Isolated walls and ceilings
• Firefighting tank 400 m3
• 230 KVA Diesel generator
• 400 L diesel tank
• In-rack and In-roof sprinklers
• Electric MHE
• IT Stations (PCs & Zebra printers)
• RF Handhelds
• 78 CCTV 24/7 Coverage