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Distribution & Manufacturing

Our core business of revolutionizing the pharma and FMCG supply chain

Pharmaceutical Importation

Long lasting partnerships aid in facilitating importation
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Logistics & Warehousing

Offering our clients modern and technologically driven warehousing solutions

Technology Based Mngmt

Supplying our clients with the latest in IT solutions for better and more efficient management

Sports & Outdoor Equipment

Supplying our clients with all kinds of equipment and outdoor tools for the active lifestyle

Online Medical Promotion

Promoting a wide range of medications for our pharmacists via our social media platforms

Financial Services

Offering data- driven insights to bolster your financial needs to react to every changing markets
Picture of medical monitors inside the ICU

Medical Equipment

Offering state-of-the-art medical equipment with installation services for our clients


Via our Red Sea Shipyard operation we can offer ship maintenance, construction and vessel hiring
infinity solar

Renewable Tech

Via our partner Infinity Solar, we push the boundary for commercial and enterprise renewable technologies

Events & Sponsorships

Managing and planning events and sponsorships to build connections and enriches our networking


We own a few resorts and hotels to enjoy Egypt's magnificent views and beaches around the Red Sea and Marsa Alam
Detail shot of the workings of a printing factory. The commercial designs displayed in this image represent a simulation of a real product and have been changed or altered enough by our team of retouching and design specialists so that they are free of any copyright infringements

Design & Printing

In need of print design or marketing material to help boost your business, at Quattro we have the solution